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![Standalone PHP Class for Managing Session Based Multiple Cart](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/5eJ0LsF3z7wkHhDaRBVCtM/1914842168ffa3b33109e930fda9fcd8/AdobeStock_214539382.jpeg?w=1000)

Hi Guys,

I am sharing you a standalone class for managing a session based cart system. In this class I have provided multiple methods for adding, updating and deleting the products. and By using this class you may manage multiple cart objects with different data only you need to pass a different key in constructor of that class.

### Let me share you the How can we use that Class:

#### Include The cart class


require 'PhpKart.class.php';



#### Create a Cart Object initializing the Cart base key name, by using different keys we can manage multiple cart data in a same proj...