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![PHP CHAT WITH SOCKETS](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/71dBtxsZPdBnAn8UgQTyRR/75ca0c2ab27af41ffc82b17d1be264d7/AdobeStock_265642631.jpeg?w=1000)

Hey Friends,

I am sharing a very interesting blog on how to create a chat system in php without using ajax. As we all know ajax based chat system in php is not a good solution

because it **increases the server load and redundant xhr calls** on our server.

Instead, I am going to use sockets for incoming messages from and send messages to another user. So lets try them out using the following steps:

### Step 1: Cross check in php.ini that sockets extension is enabled



/ /remove semicolon from very start of the extension like



### Step 2: Create `server.php` file

This file will handle the incoming and outgoing messages on sockets, Add following variables in to...