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![Laravel Eloquent Relationship Part 2](https:/ /images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/3gY1sugUC3gTUtfgbhgNi5/410818aed6a8d4ea08e0ec796477291c/laravel_blog.png?w=1000)

As you all know, Laravel Eloquent Relationships are powerful and easy methods introduced by Laravel for helping developers to reduce the complexity when connecting with multiple tables. While connecting with multiple tables, this method is very easy for developers for creating the application

Here you can see the next three methods of the eloquent relationships:

1. Has Many Through Relationship

2. One to Many Polymorphic

3. Many to many Polymorphic


Has many through is a little bit complicated while understanding. I will provide a shortcut method to provide access data of another mode relationship. We will create a user table, post table, and country table and they will be interconnected with each other.