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![New Beta: Transcriptions and Closed Captioning](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/3Cz2r74iChZbJyAFS2ydPo/f67d7369647247806bbacb8f48c9fd98/captions.png)

With the mission of making technology more accessible, I'm pleased to announce a beta of transcriptions and closed captioning on select videos.

This beta offers a more in-depth look into videos before watching them, the ability to dig into the video's text afterwards for review, and the ability to watch the video with closed captioning assistance.

Closed Captioning may be enabled on the video player by clicking the [cc] icon and selecting your preferred language (at this time, only English is supported). You may also find a transcription of the talk below the description for more insight into the talk before watching, or to find specific information/ sections afterwards for review.

![Example of Captions and Transcriptions](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/6O6eSdV...

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![Why Cloudways is the Perfect Managed Hosting for PHP Applications](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/3VLCUBagZPfSLyxyt1AvvP/89e3b904a450454545eb885e2e0e76b4/cloudways.jpg?w=1000)

#### The following is a sponsored blogpost by [Cloudways](https://www.cloudways.com/en/?id=431739)

Developing an application is not the sole thing you should bank on. You must strive to find the best hosting solution to deploy that application also. The application’s speed is dependent on the hosting provider, that is why I always advise you to go for the best hosting solution to get the ultimate app performance.

Now a days, it is a big challenge to choose any web hosting, as each hosting has its own pros and cons which you must know, before considering it finally for the deployment. I don’t recommend shared hosting for PHP/Laravel based applications, because you always get lot of server hassles like downtime, hacking, 500 errors, lousy support and other ...

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![Midwest PHP and Nomad PHP Join Forces!](https://tessakriesel.com/wp-content/uploads/midwest-php.png)

### [Interested in sponsoring? Check out the prospectus](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZYDi9dKCI47caU9vr69dvdhH0Enm2XcM/view)

### A little history

Several years ago I had the distinct privilege of founding Midwest PHP with Jonathan Sundquist. The goal was simple, to bring an affordable PHP conference to Minnesota and the midwest region.

Midwest PHP was created for one simple reason - there weren't a lot of alternatives, especially affordable ones. At the time, your choices were ZendCon in Silicon Valley, php[tek] in Chicago, or Northeast PHP in Boston. While Northeast PHP formed the blueprint of a community conference - it still required a flight and a costly hotel in Boston. I wanted something where local attendees, college students, and those just beginning in their PHP careers could go to learn, network, and become pa...

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![Press Release](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/6iJumo9OXCq0m0EqOuueAm/61e3dea3c18f9d770a6906099856e015/press_release.jpeg?w=1000)

To say that we have been hard at work here at Nomad PHP, or that I'm excited about these three announcements would be a tremendous understatement. Over the past several months, behind the scenes, we've been working to bring even more features and benefits to Nomad PHP - these have already included unlimited streaming of all past meetings and access to PHP Architect.

Available today, however, you'll also have access to online, live workshops - as well as soon have the ability to stream select PHP conferences live, and finally to prove the knowledge you have gained through our online certification.

## Online, Live Workshops

Like our online meetings, we are excited to announce that available today you can participate in online, live, and interactive workshops. Our [first workshop](https://beta.nomadphp...

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![Happy Thanksgiving](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/210WuoFQk8i8YI8iAUsyuA/a31e17d34e57fd9dc83c795d1b59ac73/AdobeStock_177353492.jpeg?w=1000)

A brief (by Mike's standards) note

> As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. - John F. Kennedy

I wanted to take a brief moment to express my gratitude this holiday season. First and foremost, a huge thank you to the beautiful Tanja Hoefler who has put in countless hours behind the scenes of Nomad PHP, ranging from finding the best articles and tweeting them out, to tracking down great speakers, to countless hours of video editing (including fixing all my mistakes from the live broadcast).

### Thank you to our Founders

I also need to thank Cal and Kathy Evans, an amazing husband and wife team who have done so much for the community over many, many years - including founding and being an inv...