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![Top 12 PHP Libraries to Leverage Your Web App Development](https:/ /images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/6Xd3PeEIm87bVI1UPb5q26/98abd4072971b7fc3f8d46aba3dc17f6/libraries2.png?w=1000)

PHP, by all means, is an immensely powerful language!

We may fall short of words, but there won't come any end to its qualities. The endless functionalities and possibilities of this server-side scripting language have managed to get it a strong and supportive community of PHP programmers on a global level. At present, PHP powers more than half on websites and applications on the internet.

**Do you know what makes PHP so praiseworthy?**

It is the simplicity, easy programming structure, and developer-friendly web functionalities that are to be credited to turn PHP into one of the top programming languages. You can create highly interactive and dynamic websites and applications with desired results ...