Hypermedia ALL THE THINGS! A company’s move from POX to HATEOAS

September 2013 – EU

Presented by Luke Stokes (@lukestokes)

Date: September 26, 2013
Time: 20:00 CEST

You may have been told you’re doing REST “wrong,” but you don’t know why. You may have heard the term “Hypermedia API,” but you’re not really sure what that means. You may also know quite a bit about APIs, but want to see an API that’s done “right.” If so, this talk is for you. We’ll explore FoxyCart’s API move from POX to HATEOAS and some new ways of documenting and thinking about Hypermedia APIs.

Luke Stokes

Luke Stokes

Co-founder and core developer of FoxyCart.com which is an ecommerce shopping cart system built in PHP by developers for developers. Founded in 2007, we serve users around the world and process millions of dollars in transactions each month. With a remote team and a passion to serve customers, I have a real-world perspective on boot strapping a versioned software as a service startup company.

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